Jessy Lynn

Jessy Lynn, born into modest circumstances in New York, navigated the challenges of 'poor America' with her family's unwavering love and solid Christian values. She once remarked, 'When I create a novel or comic based on my life story, no one will believe it's non-fiction.' Her journey, shaped by her Catholic upbringing, was not without its trials. It was in her twenties that she experienced a profound spiritual awakening, a testament to her resilience and unwavering faith. For Jessy Lynn, there is a clear distinction between being a born Christian and becoming a reborn Christian, a distinction she embodies in her life and work.

Family is the most important thing to her; she values her close bond with her loved ones. Her mother is her best friend, and she greatly respects her father; neither she nor her parents go a day without speaking. She rejects the idea that families should drift apart as they grow older, a notion she believes is influenced by American culture. While she hasn't found the right man to spend the rest of her life with, nor does she have children, she does care for her pets. She had four beloved cats, Blaze, Ebony, Kid Flash, and Raven, who have since passed away. Kid Flash and Raven were the offspring of Ebony and Blaze. She also has three dogs, Savage, Harley, and Selvaggia, while her parents care for two dogs, Ivy and Brody, who are siblings to Selvaggia, and the three of them are the offspring of Savage and Harley. She finds joy and fulfillment in her family dynamic through her commitment to her furry companions and close relationship with her parents.

Jessy Lynn's passion for storytelling, ignited by her early love for DC Comics, has been a driving force in her life. From a young age, she recognized writing as her true calling, and she dedicated her formative years to developing various concepts. Among them, one stood out: StarGazers. Despite envisioning StarGazers as her debut project, she made the decision to prioritize her series Wicked Demons and Warriors. This choice was driven by the series' relevance and the powerful message she wanted to convey to the world. Jessy Lynn's unwavering dedication to crafting compelling narratives is a testament to her commitment to delivering impactful and engaging stories to her audience.

Before opening Holy Creations Comics, she sought an agent to bring Wicked Demons and The Warriors to television. It was almost as if she had a sudden epiphany one day, realizing she was meant to create her own publication company to share the stories she wanted, how she wanted. Though she had always dreamed of owning her own business, she never imagined it would happen in such a unique and exciting way. Now, with Holy Creations Comics, she is on a mission to unite fans through her passion for storytelling and art, and she is determined to make her mark in the comic book industry.

Jessy Lynn's Parents: Marie and Kevin on their wedding day (with a baby Jessy growing inside of Marie)!

Jessy Lynn's grandfather (RIP): Poppop (or Phil)-- left, standing with his brothers and sister!

Jessy Lynn with her father, Kevin!

Jessy Lynn with her mother (and best friend), Marie!

Savage. Jessy Lynn's first puppy. He is a demi-pure, half bull mastiff and half red noised pitbull. 

Savage's carbon copy. Meet Jessy Lynn's baby girl, Selvaggia. She was born from the first litter of puppies Jessy's Harley and Savage brought into the world.

Harley, named after Harley Quinn because of her duel colored eyes.

Blaze (RIP), but you can call him Mr. Blaze. 

Kid Flash (RIP). He was born from Ebony (RIP) and Blaze's (RIP) first litter of kittens! He was born with swimmer syndrome. And Jessy couldn't let him go.  

Raven (RIP). She was born from Ebony (RIP) and Blaze's (RIP) second litter of kittens. No one wanted her. So of course Jessy had to keep her. She didn't  like humans. You were't allowed to touch her!

Ivy. She wanted to play on the cat's cat tree. She was born in Selvaggia's litter. And Jessy's parents decided to keep her.

Brody. The misfit of the bunch. He is from Harley and Savage's second litter, and he came out looking like a guinea pig. Her parents ended up keeping Brody, too.