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Jessy Lynn

Jessy Lynn was born in poor America! Her family didn't have a lot, but what they didn't have in income, they had in love. She was raised with Christian values (and not having much to their names, it was hard). Jessy Lynn did have to do things she isn't proud of today! She was raised in a Catholic church, but it wasn't until she was in her twenties that the holy spirit took over her life; like Jessy will tell you: "There is a difference between a born Christian and a reborn Christian."

Her family is her top priority; her family is closer than most, and she despises the American-taught "tradition" that families must separate once you become a certain age. She hasn't met the man who she wants to spend the rest of her life with, so she doesn't have children, but she has three cats: Blaze, Kid Flash, and Raven (and she had a fourth cat that passed away: Ebony). Kid Flash and Raven were the kittens of Ebony (RIP) and Blaze. She also has three dogs: Savage, Harley, and Selvaggia; her parents have two dogs: Ivy and Brody (these two and Selvaggia were the puppies of Harley and Savage)! 

Jessy Lynn grew fascinated with DC Comics (and other magical superhero fantasies), which made her want to create unique stories following those themes. She was five when she knew that she wanted to tell stories; she declared: "I was born to be a writer." She created many concepts growing up. One stuck with her: StarGazers. She spent most of her time in middle and high school perfecting StarGazers. She always thought StarGazers would be the first project she shared with the world, but she put StarGazers aside to focus on Wicked Demons and Warriors because this series has less going on, and she felt it is the series the world needs right now. 

She was querying for an agent to get Wicked Demons and The Warriors on television. It's almost as if she woke up one day this year and said she is going to open her own comic book company (she always saw herself owning her own company, but she didn't think it would happen like this). And she wants Holy Creations Comics to bring people together!

Jessy Lynn's Parents: Marie and Kevin on their wedding day (with a baby Jessy growing inside of Marie)!

Jessy Lynn's grandfather (RIP): Poppop (or Phil)-- left, standing with his brothers and sister!

Jessy Lynn with her father, Kevin!

Jessy Lynn with her mother (and best friend), Marie!

Savage. Jessy Lynn's first puppy. He is a demi-pure, half bull mastiff and half red noised pitbull. 

Savage's carbon copy. Meet Jessy Lynn's baby girl, Selvaggia. She was born from the first litter of puppies Jessy's Harley and Savage brought into the world.

Harley, named after Harley Quinn because of her duel colored eyes.

Blaze, but you can call him Mr. Blaze. 

Kid Flash. He was born from Ebony (RIP) and Blaze's first litter of kittens! He was born with swimmer syndrome. And Jessy couldn't let him go.  

Kid Flash recently passed away (RIP).

Raven. She was born from Ebony (RIP) and Blazes second litter of kittens. No one wanted her. So of course Jessy had to keep her. She does not like humans. Do not touch her!

Ivy. She wanted to play on the cat's cat tree. She was born in Selvaggia's litter. And Jessy's parents decided to keep her.

Brody. The misfit of the bunch. He is from Harley and Savage's second litter, and he came out looking like a guinea pig. Her parents ended up keeping Brody, too.