Imagine: we don't know what is truly happening in our Universe! Imagine: aliens have appeared on our planet, but they look like you and me. Imagine: our progression has made others lose faith in our planet. Imagine: because of this, many wish to do harm to our world, and we are all ignorant to what's going on. Our safety is in the hands of a myth (which many are losing hope in) that tells of a greater destiny. Once upon a time, The StarGazers was founded to prevent intergalactic destruction from coming. Not everyone has lost hope in Earth. And our heroes will fight to keep us safe.Join the StarGazers in their first season as an Alien orphan, kidnapped by an unknown species, escapes and finds himself on Earth and in the custody of Earth's best (but angriest) hero (and family man): and that hero and his team work around the clock to locate the strange, monstrous world.