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Presenting Real Inclusion that highlights Everyone's Voice Matters!

Join Holy Creations Comics as we embark on our journey through multiple universes, starting with our debut series Wicked Demons and The Warriors, now available Free for Download with monthly releases!

Founded by Jessy Lynn in May 2023, Holy Creations Comics is a unique platform dedicated to showcasing that disagreement does not equal hate. We firmly believe that Everyone's Voice Matters and we invite you to explore our unique perspective through our debut series, Wicked Demons and The Warriors.

At Holy Creations Comics, we aim to unite people and promote unity through our inclusive and diverse stories. We do not focus on inclusion or diversity; we embody it. Our characters give a voice to those who may feel ignored, and we tackle challenging issues to provoke thought and inspire change.

Say goodbye to "woke" writers who miss the mark on true diversity and embrace Holy Creations Comics. We break the status quo by pushing boundaries, challenging norms, and creating entertaining and impactful entertainment. Join us on this exciting journey as we strive to make a difference in the world of storytelling.


Feel free to browse our library of future titles. Our debut series is Wicked Demons and The Warriors (new issues on the 29th of each month). 

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