Elliot (but he prefers Ellie) was once a lost boy living with a cruel family. But then he met the love of his life, Harriet, who showed him Christ. And you would think they would be allowed to live Happily Ever After. But America fell. The Constitution is meaningless. When Christians became depicted as terrorists, all Christians had a choice: to surrender and renounce Jesus or die. 

This series explores different people putting aside their differences for what is right. Not everyone agrees with the new regime, and many are willing to risk their lives to save Christians. 

This story follows Elliot, his wife Harriet, and their two kids on a journey out of the country, across the border to Canada, where they will be free again. During their spare time (while hiding), Harriet retells the story of Prince Harriet and Princess Cinder-Ellie to their children.