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Korban: a Devil-praising, God-hating demon witch thought he loved his life, living under the Devil’s sinful way, but his heart changes after he meets the love of his life Caleb, a God-loving Catholic who gets this sinner on a journey toward redemption; a tale about the love and patience, but also the wrath of God. This is a gay love story unlike any other that will captivate you like Adrian and Marinette's and break your heart like Romeo and Juliet's, so get ready to challenge your beliefs in this gripping tale between good and evil: the final battle is quickly approaching. Choose your side: Heaven or Hell!

Korban is a 17-year-old demon witch born in the Wrath Circle of Hell. He is exceptionally brilliant and talented at snagging sinners. He becomes Lucifer's "favorite" demon witch. Lucifer convinced Korban (and every Hell-born witch like Korban) that God was always the true monster, but Korban begins to question everything he's ever known when he meets Caleb. Korban didn't plan to fall in love with a human (especially not a Christian), but Korban falls in love with Caleb before he knows what love is.  

Will you fall victim to the demon witches straight from Hell, or are you Heaven bound? Pick up this comic if you want to learn. If you join this series you better be ready for the adventure of a lifetime.

Monthly release on the 29th of each month. We are now able to offer our stories for FREE, so we are working on getting the available issue live on our website and on Webtoons.  Stay tuned. 

Explore our pilot issue where we see Korban and Holy Soldier in battle, and we even get to see Caleb and Korban on a date!