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Jessy Lynn-- FOUNDER

President/Lead Writer

Writing has always been my passion, and as I watched the increasing division in our country, I knew it was time to bring my stories to life. That's why I founded Holy Creations Comics, a place where everyone is welcome. I have big dreams for this small company.

Growing up in a Christian household and attending a Catholic church, I was taught to serve the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. My God teaches me to love everyone, no matter our differences. That's why I want you to know that, even if we don't see eye to eye, I still love and respect you.

Let me make this clear: at Holy Creations Comics, we stand by the Word of God. We don't shy away from it or water it down. We believe the Bible is the powerful Word of God. But that doesn't mean we only cater to one side. We embrace diversity and strive to represent everyone in our stories because every voice deserves to be heard.

Join us at Holy Creations Comics as we share compelling stories with a wide range of characters. We reject the status quo and write for the people, not just one group. Everyone's voice matters [to us].


Administrative Assistant/ Head Researcher

When I met Jessy Lynn, I knew I wanted to work with her. She stands for true freedom! I am bisexual with a girlfriend, but my girlfriend and I are more conservative. We always thought we were alone, but Jessy Lynn showed me we weren't. I believe in pushing her mission for true inclusion and proving disagreement doesn't equate to hate!



As a writer, you would think I have much to say. I wouldn't say I like talking about myself. I'm pretty shy for a writer. I've also had issues sharing my opinion, but I love the English language. I love helping writers craft their stories. Hopefully, by working with Jessy Lynn, I will overcome this. I am very excited about what she has planned.


WIP Artist/ researcher

I am still in art school. I have trouble drawing characters in different, specific poses, but Jessy Lynn still brought me on to help design characters, which I am having a blast doing. Many places call their team "family." But they don't mean it. Jessy Lynn actually cares for everyone she takes on, and I swear she has the patience of a saint. 



We believe in the importance of free speech and celebrate opposing views. Embracing differences in opinion adds beauty to our discussions. We also appreciate and value every member of our team, including you!