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Jessy Lynn-- FOUNDER

Lead Writer

Writing is all I ever wanted to do. And with my country, The United States of America, becoming more divided each day— I knew it was time to bring my stories to life. I opened up Holy Creations Comics to be a place where everybody will be welcome. I have big dreams for this small company. 

I grew up in a Christian household within a Catholic church. I serve the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. So I want all of you to know even if we do not see eye to eye or do not think alike— My God tells me to love every one of you, and that's exactly how I feel.  

I refuse to sugarcoat this: here at Holy Creations Comics, we do not hide from, hide behind, or alter the Word of God. The Bible is the Bible, and we believe it is the Mighty Word of God. 

But Holy Creations Comics will share these compelling stories with this wide variety of heartfelt characters. We renounce the status quo and refuse to write for one side; we write for everyone because Everyone's Voice Matters! 



We value free speech here. We value opposing views on life. We value differences in opinion because opinions are beautiful! And we value you; you are apart of this team, too!