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"Point Of View" is a talk show (in the form of a video podcast) that aims to explore and celebrate differing perspectives on a wide range of topics, emphasizing the idea that disagreement does not equate to hate, and that dissent can be expressed respectfully.
The premise of the show is built on the belief that open discussion is essential for fostering understanding and unity in a divided world.
Hosted by a diverse panel of guests representing various viewpoints, "Point Of View" provides a platform for thoughtful debates and conversations.
Episodes can range from lighthearted controversy such as (not limited to) DC vs. Marvel or can delve into more serious controversial issues, but all with an emphasis on listening to opposing viewpoints without resorting to personal attacks or disdain. This is not a true debate show! The host will point out disagreements whether they agree with the guest or not! The show is about loving each other despite disagreements.
By promoting open dialogue and mutual respect, "Point Of View" will encourage viewers to engage in constructive discussions that can lead to positive change and ultimately bring people together despite their differences. The show's ultimate goal is to inspire viewers to approach disagreements with an open mind, fostering empathy and understanding in society.
So, as mentioned. The topics can be lighthearted or silly or heavy and serious. It's completely up to the guest we are talking to at that moment!
We just need to know the topic ahead of time, and the only thing we limit on our platform is praising Satan in a positive light. But everything else is up for grabs. 

If you have an opinion, please reach out so that you can share and "educate" us and our audience. 

Episodes go live on Monday nights at 8pm EST!

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