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We are the company for you!

We are a semi-traditional publication house! What does that mean? See the note at the bottom of the page!

Don't let that name fool you; we are a publication company that works with many mediums, including, but not limited to, short stories, poetry, novels, graphic novels, webcomics, and comic books. We are new, but our founder has over a decade of experience in editing and ghostwriting, and everyone on this team has vast experience in their fields. 

Thank you for choosing Holy Creations Comics as your publishing destination! We welcome all genres and plots and are committed to amplifying diverse voices. Our founder, Jessy Lynn, may have conservative Christian beliefs, but she also values opposing views and inclusivity. Bring us your unique stories, and rest assured that we will honor your vision and work with you to bring it to life.

One rule is that we prioritize writing inclusively over writing for the sake of being "woke." We do not support creating tally marks or preachy stories. If you don't focus on inclusion and diversity in your writing and just create inclusive and diverse pieces, you'll feel right at home here. 

At Holy Creations Comics, we believe in providing a platform for creators of all backgrounds and beliefs. We value diversity and embrace a wide range of perspectives in our work. We are open to all genres and themes, with one exception: the only other rule we have is nothing is allowed to praise the devil. Our commitment to inclusivity means everyone is welcome to share their stories with us, regardless of their political, religious, racial, or sexual identity. We believe in spreading love and positivity through our stories and look forward to collaborating with talented creators from all walks of life. Join us in creating a community of acceptance and creativity at Holy Creations Comics.  

You can submit your query letter DIRECTLY to Jessy Lynn (Creative Director) at holyrainbowpoet@gmail.com or Stephanie Machada (Managing Editor) at machadastephanie@gmail.com. In the subject line, state you are querying, and include the title and the genre: 

For Example: query for Wicked Demons and The Warriors, a religious fantasy with a romantic subplot 

Please include the following for your specific work:

Comic book: 

The logline, a synopsis, a characterization chart for your main character(s), and an outline for at least "season one." 


A synopsis and the first five pages. 

Please do not send the full manuscript unless requested because unsolicited work is deleted immediately.

   Jessy Lynn or another one of our writers or editors will attempt to give feedback on every query! Due to the volume of e-mails, we will prioritize the submissions we would like to work with (first)! Our president, Jessy Lynn, wants to give a chance to writers the world wants to look over. 

If you do not hear from us within ten weeks, please do not hesitate to resubmit your query.



Semi-traditional publishing is a hybrid model between traditional publishing and self-publishing. In this model, authors have slightly more control over the publishing process than in traditional publishing but still have the support and resources of a publishing company. 

You don't need an agent with to query; you can represent yourself, but if you prefer using a representative, such as an agent, that is your right (and okay with us). 

In semi-traditional publishing, authors typically pitch their book to a publishing company, which then agrees to publish it. The publishing company provides editing, cover design, distribution, book marketing support, and other necessary resources.

However, authors may also have to contribute financially to some of these services. But, here at Holy Creations Comics, we will not charge you upfront (unless you request something out of the norm in your contract). We get paid off book and merchandise sales until we are paid off; your success is our success, and we are in this together. Neither of us pays upfront; if you don't make money, we don't! 

Overall, semi-traditional publishing offers authors a middle ground between the autonomy of self-publishing and the resources of traditional publishing. It can be a good option for authors who want more control over their books but still want professional publishing support.


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