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Tired of hearing no!

We are the company for you!

Thank you for choosing to query here at Holy Creations Comics! We will help you publish any genre with any plot because we refuse to silence voices! Our founder, Jessy Lynn, may be a conservative Christian, but she wants this company to be a place where all are welcome. So bring those unique stories to us! We won't change your vision! 

The one rule we have: we do not write woke-- woke writers write for inclusion instead of writing inclusively, so if you create tally marks, you won't fit in around here!  

Everyone has a different opinion on different subjects. Some agencies will not accept certain work if they don't agree with the message (they may even call it hateful content, but we believe in the first amendment here). The only thing Holy Creations Comics will not publish is any work that openly praises the Devil. We refuse to betray Jesus by helping the Devil get a word in (the Devil is the one person whose voice does not matter). Every other genre and plot we will accept! We are a place where all are welcome, regardless of your political or religious beliefs, and neither will race or sexuality (or the race or sexuality of your characters) stop you from working with us. We have plenty of love to go around!
You can submit your query letter to jessylynnawesome@gmail.com. In the subject line, state you are querying, and include the title and the genre: 

For Example: query for Wicked Demons and The Warriors, a religious fantasy with a romantic subplot 

Please include the following for your specific work:

Comic book: 

The logline, a synopsis, a characterization chart for your main character(s), and an outline for at least "season one." 


A synopsis and the first five pages. 

Please do not send the full manuscript unless requested because unsolicited work is deleted immediately.

Please edit your work as well as you can. We offer editing here at Holy Creations Comics. So if we accept your work, you will have a professional editor! But Jessy Lynn prioritizes the stories based on narratives she wants to work with first. And she will prioritize well-written work over work fiddled with typos (and common grammatical errors).  
Jessy Lynn will attempt to give feedback on every query! Due to the volume of e-mails, she will prioritize the submissions she would like to work with (first)! She wants to give a chance to writers the world wants to look over. 

If you do not hear from Jessy Lynn within ten weeks, please do not hesitate to resubmit your query.


But don't let that stop you from submitting a query! We will keep you on file for when they do open up!