Here you will find any story (mostly from Indie Authors) that Jessy Lynn or any other staff member would like you to check out! These are stories that Holy Creations Comics are not affiliated with, but we feel deserve love and praise! 

DC Comics

DC Comics stands head and shoulders above Marvel for a multitude of reasons. First and foremost, the stories that DC crafts are often darker and more complex than anything Marvel puts out, creating a sense of real drama and emotional gravity. But what truly sets DC apart is its characters. They are not just heroes and villains, they are multi-layered and nuanced, each with their own unique journey and struggles. This leads to a richer and more engaging cast of characters, making DC's universe a more compelling place to explore. Finally, DC's world-building is a marvel in itself, with a more in-depth tapestry and mythology that is a joy to get lost in. 

What truly sets DC apart is its commitment to crafting a cohesive and interconnected universe within its stories, known as the DC Multiverse. This unique feature allows readers to explore different aspects of the characters and storylines, adding depth and richness to the reading experience. Furthermore, DC's ability to experiment with unique storytelling styles and approaches, such as the Elseworlds stories and Black Label comics, adds a layer of diversity and excitement to the universe of DC, making it a truly unique and thrilling place to explore. 

Lastly, DC's variety of unique artists and writers makes the comic universe dynamic and exciting when you pick up a story. Some of the most revered artists and writers have worked on DC titles, such as Alan Moore, Brian K. Vaughn, Brian Azzarello, and Frank Quitely. The combination of these talented artists and writers (along with the iconic superheroes and supervillains of the DC universe) makes their comics thrilling and engaging. 

~Jessy Lynn

Marry My Dead Body! 

You want a non-woke but inclusive movie! Here it is. A gay boy dies, but his spirit remains in the mortal realm. You know the old story: "Unfinished business!" That Chinese tradition of Ghost Marriage is a fundamental plot point of this movie! A homophobic cop's whole world is flipped upside down when he picks up a little red envelope. This cop becomes a better man just by knowing his "ghost husband." You won't agree with everything the characters do or say, but nothing is shoved down your throat. Politics does not drive this movie. You feel like you are watching real people; this is a perfect example of how movies or books should be!

~Jessy Lynn

Writer: Rex ogle


Title: Northranger Graphic Novel - A Unique Take on the Classic Romance Adventure Story

The Northranger graphic novel is a breathtaking and compelling reimagining of the timeless romance story. In a world similar to our own, we follow the captivating journey of Cade, a young city boy thrust into a "horror" love story as he spends his summer working on a ranch. Disdainful of the early mornings and unfamiliar surroundings, Cade is pushed to his limits. But when he meets the rancher's son, Henry, everything changes. The scorching summer sun and the unexpected connection with a stranger both challenge and reshape Cade's perspective, leading to a transformative and unforgettable experience.

It's important to note that Cade has a passion for horror movies. They serve as his escape and provide a sense of comfort in the face of the real-life challenges he faces as a closeted gay teen growing up in rural Texas.

Cade is sent to the Ranch to help his family earn extra income. However, he finds himself drawn to Henry, a mysterious and intriguing figure who may be concealing a dark secret.

I found it to be quite enjoyable and would definitely recommend it. One of the reasons I appreciated it was that it didn't push political or ideological messages on the reader. There are some questionable moments, such as the rancher's son referring to his privilege. It still fits in this scene because the author isn't labeling him as privileged solely based on his race, even though race is mentioned. Instead, Henry's privilege stems from his wealth and the fact that he was born into money, which does makes him fortunate. I wouldn't call this story woke because it promotes unity in a way; it's not about preaching politics; it's about young, gay boys falling in love. 

I was disappointed to see the writer use the term "queer" to describe the gay characters, especially considering the homophobic attitudes prevalent in Texas during the '80s and '90s, supposedly when and where the writer grew up. While I can somewhat grasp why kids of today might use derogatory language to describe themselves due to their own experiences (of more than likely never heard that word spat at them with a burning hatred), it felt inappropriate for the writer to include it in a book that addresses discrimination.

By the end of the story, the author impressively fleshed out the characters, fully revealing their motivations, fears, and inner workings. Each character has their own personality; they are not hive-minded, cult member tally marks. I will mention that many of the perspectives expressed by the characters lean toward the left, while the opinions that lean toward the right end of the spectrum are considered more far-right. We see individuals who have an issue not just with illegal immigrants but also with legal citizens, such as Cade, who is Hispanic and a legal resident of the United States.

The dialogue needs improvement as it can come off as forced at times. Additionally, the "homophobic" lines feel unrealistic and lack authenticity, as if the writer has never spoken to or interacted with a real-life homophobe or even someone who is just insensitive. It's a missed opportunity to delve into the complexities of social issues and the underlying motivations behind prejudiced behavior.

The love story could be even more captivating with further development, as it did feel a bit rushed. Regardless, it is a charming gay love story that could easily rival Love Simon. The book is free from explicit content and suitable for younger audiences. A character does mention "sex," but in the context of "we weren't having sex, we were holding hands." There are no depictions of intercourse or anything leading up to it in this graphic novel, only sweet moments of kissing. Overall, it is a wholesome read that positively portrays gay romance.

~Jessy Lynn

WRITER: Margaret Peterson Haddix


Title: The Shadow Children Young Adult Book Series - A Dystopian Tale

The Shadow Children series, written by Margaret Peterson Haddix, is a captivating and thought-provoking young adult dystopian series that explores themes of government control, identity, and the importance of individuality. The series consists of seven books - Among the Hidden, Among the Impostors, Among the Betrayed, Among the Barons, Among the Brave, Among the Enemy, and Among the Free.

The series is set in a future society where the government strictly enforces the Population Law, which limits families to only two children. Any third child must remain hidden from society or face dire consequences. The protagonist is Luke Garner, a third child who lives in fear, constantly afraid of being discovered and sent to his death.

Book one, Among the Hidden, follows Luke as he encounters another third child, his neighbor, who convinces him to join the fight. As the series progresses, he joins a group known as the shadow children. This group, bound by a common struggle and a shared goal, is fighting against the oppressive government. Together, they navigate dangerous situations, face challenges, and foster a sense of unity, which is needed in this day and age. They also form a camaraderie that will inspire readers.

Haddix does an excellent job of creating complex and relatable characters who struggle with their identities. They find strength in their unity, but also in their individuality. The themes of individuality and the power of standing up for what is right are prevalent throughout the series, empowering readers to believe in their own strengths and convictions.

Overall, the Shadow Children series is a gripping, thought-provoking, young adult dystopian series that will captivate readers who love dystopian fiction with well-developed characters; this is a must for those who appreciate stories of resistance and perseverance in the face of adversity. I was in middle school when I had to read Among the Hidden as part of a class assignment, and I was ecstatic to discover that there was more of Luke's story to follow. I reread this series every couple of years and highly recommend it; you should read it at least once. 

~Jessy Lynn