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Here you will find any story (mostly from Indie Authors) that Jessy Lynn or any other staff member would like you to check out! These are stories that Holy Creations Comics are not affiliated with, but we feel deserve love and praise! 

DC Comics

DC Comics stands head and shoulders above Marvel for a multitude of reasons. First and foremost, the stories that DC crafts are often darker and more complex than anything Marvel puts out, creating a sense of real drama and emotional gravity. But what truly sets DC apart is its characters. They are not just heroes and villains, they are multi-layered and nuanced, each with their own unique journey and struggles. This leads to a richer and more engaging cast of characters, making DC's universe a more compelling place to explore. Finally, DC's world-building is a marvel in itself, with a more in-depth tapestry and mythology that is a joy to get lost in. 

What truly sets DC apart is its commitment to crafting a cohesive and interconnected universe within its stories, known as the DC Multiverse. This unique feature allows readers to explore different aspects of the characters and storylines, adding depth and richness to the reading experience. Furthermore, DC's ability to experiment with unique storytelling styles and approaches, such as the Elseworlds stories and Black Label comics, adds a layer of diversity and excitement to the universe of DC, making it a truly unique and thrilling place to explore. 

Lastly, DC's variety of unique artists and writers makes the comic universe dynamic and exciting when you pick up a story. Some of the most revered artists and writers have worked on DC titles, such as Alan Moore, Brian K. Vaughn, Brian Azzarello, and Frank Quitely. The combination of these talented artists and writers (along with the iconic superheroes and supervillains of the DC universe) makes their comics thrilling and engaging. 

~Jessy Lynn

Marry My Dead Body! 

You want a non-woke but inclusive movie! Here it is. A gay boy dies, but his spirit remains in the mortal realm. You know the old story: "Unfinished business!" That Chinese tradition of Ghost Marriage is a fundamental plot point of this movie! A homophobic cop's whole world is flipped upside down when he picks up a little red envelope. This cop becomes a better man just by knowing his "ghost husband." You won't agree with everything the characters do or say, but nothing is shoved down your throat. Politics does not drive this movie. You feel like you are watching real people; this is a perfect example of how movies or books should be!