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Why don't you sell children sizes in your store?

We are not in the indoctrinating business. The stories that Jessy Lynn creates are darker, with sinful plots with an older audience in mind. One day, she hopes to open a new department-- another branch of Holy Creations Comics-- that does cater to children. But until then, it doesn't make sense for us to sell children's sizes in our store.

What do you believe? It seems like your beliefs are all over the place!

Not true! Jessy Lynn is our founder (owner). She is an independent conservative who believes in love; she is a Catholic Christian who will never deny Jesus and is not afraid to speak her mind: she has conservative values and Christian beliefs. She believes love never has to die, even when we disagree; someone does not have to accept your choices to accept you. And regardless of your political or religious beliefs, Jessy loves all of you, and this is a place where all are welcome. Politics is not a personality trait, nor is your religion, nor is your sexuality. You may be like Jessy Lynn and have strong opinions about various topics, but can you love someone that thinks differently than you, like Jessy Lynn does?

Is Caleb really based on a real person? So does that mean Korban is based on a real person?

Caleb was created with one of Jessy Lynn's best friends in mind. The real Caleb, Noah, was raised in the same Catholic church that Jessy was raised in. Noah is gay but never felt like he belonged under the rainbow flag. Noah believes in God's promise and doesn't enjoy the rainbow symbolizing pride! Jessy Lynn can't stand the newer shows that portray gay characters because they all behave the same with the same beliefs. No writer ever shows Noah! Jessy Lynn created Caleb to honor people like Noah! 

That being said, Noah is engaged to a man who once upon a time was similar to Korban, but Noah's fiancee, Bryant, is not the muse for Korban!

Why did Jessy Lynn open Holy Creations Comics?

Jessy Lynn always knew she wanted to write! She fell in love with comic books and the shows and movies based on those comic books. You can call her a fangirl! She wanted to create television shows! She put to bed her baby: StarGazers and put all her focus on Wicked Demons and The Warriors. She had a few reasons for this: StarGazers has a lot going on, and to make it work, it needs a lot of characters (that she created)-- but more characters cost more money, and Wicked Demons and The Warriors is a story that the world needs to see right now! At this point, she was still querying for an agent to represent her to get Wicked Demons and The Warriors on TV as an animated series. As she outlined the series, there was so much she wanted to do, but she knew no studio would allow her to do it! There she was, without any news from any agency, when she realized she could open her own company and do whatever she wants. (She always knew that one day she would own her own studio and Holy Creations Comics was born.) And with Holy Creation Comics, she is going to bring back freedom for writers to create stories with characters that feel real! Free thought with the power of free speech is right that she will fight for! Soon submissions will open for any writer who wants their REAL voice heard!

What is your publication release cycle?

For Wicked Demons and The Warriors, we are planning a monthly schedule! Our pilot issue debut's 9/1/23. The future issues will be released on the 30th of every month starting 10/30/23! 

Do you support Trans Rights?

Jessy Lynn supports equal rights for humanity. Trans rights are human rights is a silly saying because no one is taking rights away from anyone! No one wants to stop an adult from transitioning if that's what they want. Jessy Lynn would encourage you to pray and see how you are perfect the way you are. But if a grown-up decided transitioning is right for them (because their gender dysphoria is too strong), Jessy Lynn will pray for you but won't stop you. What is happening is a fight for the innocence of children! Transitioning is not reversible. And children are not old enough to make choices that will change the course of their life. There are plenty of detransitioners, but even if there was only one-- that is too many! There are plenty of based in reality trans folk that understand we need to let kids be kids. Femme boys and tomboys do not need to be on this path of confusion; tomboys are little girls who enjoy more traditionally masculine things, while femme boys are little boys who enjoy more traditionally feminine things. This is not a fight we should be having; kids are allowed to purchase cigarettes or alcohol, and they can't even rent a car or a hotel room. Do you understand how insane it is to say that a child can make a choice about a medical procedure that will change their entire life? Jessy Lynn does not support telling kids they would be happier if they transition. Kids need time to grow. Growing up is awkward for everyone: you hate how you look, everything feels like it's fighting against you, and you think you know more than the adults in your life! Kids don't know anything. It's our job to teach them, and Jessy Lynn would rather teach them how to love their body than give them this false narrative that they can change their gender as easily as it is to change their clothes! If a little girl wants to dress more like a boy and wrestle, don't stop her! If a little boy wants to dress more like a girl and paint his nail, don't stop him! For a group of people so against traditional roles, you are so quick to trans away those that do not follow the norm. 

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