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Why don't you sell children sizes in your store?

We are not in the indoctrinating business. Jessy Lynn's stories are darker, with sinful plots with an older audience in mind. One day, she hopes to open a new department-- another branch of Holy Creations Comics-- that caters to children. But until then, it doesn't make sense for us to sell children's sizes in our store.

What do you believe? It seems like your beliefs are all over the place!

Not true! Jessy Lynn is our founder (owner). She is an independent conservative who believes in love; she is a Catholic Christian who will never deny Jesus and is not afraid to speak her mind; she has conservative values and Christian beliefs. She believes love never has to die, even when we disagree; someone does not have to accept your choices to accept you. Regardless of your political or religious beliefs, Jessy loves all of you, and this is a place where all are welcome. Politics is not a personality trait, nor is your religion, nor is your sexuality. You may be like Jessy Lynn and have strong opinions about various topics, but can you love someone who thinks differently than you, like Jessy Lynn does?

Is Caleb really based on a real person? So does that mean Korban is based on a real person?

Caleb was created with one of Jessy Lynn's best friends in mind. The real Caleb, Noah, was raised in the same Catholic church that Jessy was raised in. Noah is gay but never felt like he belonged under the rainbow flag. Noah believes in God's promise and doesn't enjoy the rainbow symbolizing pride! Jessy Lynn can't stand the newer shows that portray gay characters because they all behave the same with the same beliefs. No writer ever shows Noah! Jessy Lynn created Caleb to honor people like Noah! 

That being said, Noah is engaged to a man who once upon a time was similar to Korban, but Noah's fiancee, Bryant, is not the muse for Korban!

Why did Jessy Lynn open Holy Creations Comics?

Jessy Lynn's passion for writing began with her love for comic books and the shows and movies inspired by them, making her a devoted fangirl. She set out to fulfill her dream of creating television shows, starting with her project, StarGazers. However, she shifted her focus to Wicked Demons and The Warriors due to its timely and impactful story. Despite facing challenges in finding representation, Jessy forged ahead with determination.

Realizing the limitations of traditional studios, Jessy took the bold step of founding her own company, Holy Creation Comics. With this venture, she aims to empower writers to tell authentic stories with truly relatable characters. Through Holy Creation Comics, she plans to champion free thought and free speech, giving voices to those with important stories to share. Jessy is set to open submissions for writers seeking a platform to express their unique perspectives soon, ensuring their voices are heard and valued.

What is your publication release cycle?

For Wicked Demons and The Warriors, we are planning a monthly schedule! Our pilot issue debuted on 9/1/23. It started on 10/29/23, and future issues will be released on the 29th of every month. 

(Webtoons believes no one is homophobic, so if an issue with our homophobic characters isn't available on Webtoons, that is why.) 

Will you be animating any of your stories?

Maybe one day, Jessy dreams of bringing her creations to life through animation. However, the cost of animation can be prohibitive, particularly for the unique style Jessy envisions. Recently, we were able to animate a dance between our two boys in a more cartoonish style for our debut series. We are now considering animating the entire theme song similarly. Stay tuned for more updates. If you want to support our animation efforts, please check out our songs.

Do you support Trans Rights?

Jessy Lynn believes in equal rights for all individuals, as they are inherently valuable and deserve respect. The phrase "Trans rights are human rights" is silly because no one is trying to take anyone's rights away. 

While Jessy Lynn believes in the importance of self-acceptance and self-love, she also recognizes the complexities of gender dysphoria and the difficult decisions that some individuals may face regarding transition. She supports individuals who choose to transition and believes in their autonomy to decide about their bodies and identities.

At the same time, Jessy Lynn acknowledges the importance of protecting children and ensuring that they are not prematurely making irreversible decisions that could impact their future. It is crucial to have thoughtful and informed discussions with detransitioners who made the mistake of transitioning when they weren't actually dysphoric; many of these individuals were pushed to transition when they were children by "trusted" adults.

Numerous detransitioners are sharing their stories, and even if there were only one, there would still be too many. It's essential to listen to their experiences. We also need to acknowledge the reality that there are transgender individuals who understand the importance of allowing kids to be kids. It's okay for tomboys and femme boys to express themselves in ways that may not align with traditional gender norms. Kids should not be rushed into making decisions that will have lifelong consequences. It's absurd to think that a child should be able to decide on a medical procedure that will alter their future. Kids need time to grow and develop, and our adults are responsible for guiding and supporting them. Let's focus on teaching kids to love and accept themselves for who they are rather than promoting a narrative that changing gender is a simple solution. Let children explore and express themselves without limitations. It's essential to consider the experiences of detransitioners and listen to their perspectives. We must stand together as a community and support all individuals, including those who do not conform to traditional gender norms. Let's advocate for the well-being of children and prioritize their emotional and physical development above all else.

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