~Jessy Lynn

You are my soulmate.

Bound together by God's will and God's fate.

We complete each other

And we are stronger together.


Once upon a time, Plato once referred to the fake god, Zeus To explain the creation of male and female.

Plato said Zeus feared humanity's power.

Supposedly we were once together like glue,

But he split us into two.

And now we are without our piece that makes us strong.

And we spend our life looking for our other half.

A beautiful notion that makes me laugh.


You and I know the truth.

The true God created male and female, equal with each other.

He made you from my rib to be my children's mother.

He made me to be your protector.

I'm your provider.

And together our heads stay above water.

You lean on me and I lean on you.


I am Prince Adam to your Beauty.

I use to be a Beast,

Always reprimanded by the police.

Wondering and thinking: “who could ever love a beast, an animal like me?”

But Princess Belle

Did and does.

That has to be you, because regardless of what they may say, you’re not a Wicked Witch.

This is true love, not some Spell.

Your beauty transcends.

You're heart is made of compassion, and I depend

On you

Because you're always there.

I know you know that you're better than I deserve.

You and I serve

One another Like the Bible says.


Our love is “a tale as old as time.”

So I write and write for you.

Please accept this poem, my darling love.

Only Jesus could love you more than I.


Remember, in my darkest days, you will always be my sun.

So until we meet again, to end said poem, in my mother’s tongue, I bid you ti amo: I love you.

Divide and Conquer

~Jessy Lynn

In a world burdened by war’s embrace,

I yearn for peace,

And search for grace In the arms of my Father who art in Heaven.

Just a lady who is tired of bloodshed's stains,

And I know this isn’t how we should remain.

We can’t continue down this path.


Why clutch the sword that fuels the fight?

When unity and love could be our guiding light.

Lower your guard.

It’s shielding your heart.

Trust can be the bridge that mends and heals.

Let God in.

Allow His love and compassion reveal.

Embrace vulnerability because humility will allow healing to begin.


Choose compassion over hatred unspoken.

Together, you and I, we can mend what has been torn.

Let’s create a world where love is reborn.


Start to understand that differences are what makes us beautiful.

Let your anger dissolve.

And allow your conflict to be resolved.

Meeting The Devil

~Jessy Lynn

Young Light: New and Bright

Part 1

A little boy, born with a light,

So new and so bright!

Every day, there were hugs and kisses (More than enough love to go around).

Every Sunday, this family of three, would be off to church to celebrate the Lord and their love for one another.

But, one night, that all vanished right out the door.

Daddy had lost his job.

That’s the night a little boy came face to face with the devil!

Now a little boy sits in his room.

He’s crying and praying for someone (anyone) to come and set him free.

Take away all the pain— all the suffering.

Daddy now drinks the devil's nasty water.

Mommy could care less as she shoots up another.

The little boy doesn't understand.

The light, still new, but dying out.

That is how a non-believer was born!

High School Sweetheart

Part 2

Fifteen! Supposed to be having the time of her life.

She was excited for her first day of high school.

She had gotten herself a pretty hot, football-playing boyfriend.

She thought that it was love.

She undressed for her honey and on her back she lain.

He promised it was a secret.

He promised it was love.

She didn’t see the hidden camera as she let him go all the way.

The next day at school, everybody was laughing and pointing.

She didn’t understand until she saw it.

It was an enlarged picture of her up on the bulletin board for everybody to see.

He was a liar.

He was such a player.

All he wanted was to give his friends a good laugh;

And they all laughed at her.

That’s the day a little girl came face to face with the devil!

Now a little girl sits in her room.

She’s crying and praying for someone (anyone) to come and set her free.

Take away all the pain— all the suffering.

All she wanted was a little-loving.

She thought that she had it (love).

But, why did she have to be wrong?

Fifteen: she's carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders.

That’s how a non-believer was born!

Men don’t get Raped

Part 3

No parents, no curfews, what’s a college man supposed to do?

He just wanted to have a ‘little’ fun!

Why wasn’t he allowed to have a ‘little’ fun?

He didn’t know that the drinks were spiked.

He had no idea.

No clue!

Why him?

They took him down (too easily).

He tried to fight, but they were just too strong.

He begged for them to stop!

No one listened!

They all laughed!

They were having fun!

They took advantage of him.

They used him up to nothing.

Now he’s just an empty-shell of his former-self!

He thought that he could handle being on his own,

But now he wishes that he never left home.

Everyone in the entire school knows what they did to him that night.

Everyone’s laughing and treating it like a game.

They are acting like he wanted it and justifying it by saying:

“Men don’t get raped; it just doesn’t happen!”

But, he didn’t want it.

He didn’t want it at all.

That’s the night a little boy came face to face with the devil!

Now a little boy sits in his room.

He’s crying and praying for someone (anyone) to come and set him free.

Take away all the pain— all the suffering.

He stares long and hard at that knife. He was thinking about how it would be so easy to end it all and stop this pain—

Pain he can no longer take (he was ready to end it all).

As he’s about to commit the deed to end his life,

Something inside him spoke up.

His family and friends will be happy because he didn’t die that night.

He decided to toss the knife And live his life.


That’s how a non-believer was born!

Adam and Eve

Part 4

Daddy and Mommy were given a gift (A precious gift) through the act of a sin.

But they didn’t see it as a gift.

Mommy started to cry when she saw that plus sign.

Daddy started to yell and swear.

Daddy hit Mommy on the head And then he went out for a drive.

He was acting like it’s a lie.

Where has Daddy gone to?

He disappeared for months at a time.

He didn’t even take the time to see his baby boy being born.

Now a baby is here!

He didn’t ask to be born!

Why treat him like it’s his fault?

Mommy blames her beautiful baby boy for ruining her life.

Mommy blames him for taking away all her chances to be somebody!

She was going to be a singer, A famous pop star that was

Beloved by all.

Daddy blames his beautiful baby boy for ruining his life.

Daddy blames him for stomping on his dreams!

He was going to be a football player, A famous sports star that was

Beloved by all.

Now they’re stuck with this baby

And hating their lives

Because they know they could have had it all.

Not realizing they still could.

Not realizing it's not the baby's fault.

The baby’s growing up and getting much older.

He hates his life!

He hates his parents!

The baby boy keeps begging for a hero to set him free.

“I can handle the solitude: I'm so used to it!”

The baby boy would say.

“It could be worse.”

The baby boy would add.

One day though, Daddy just walked out.

Daddy left no trace.

That’s when Mommy lost it.

Mommy beat her baby boy.

He cried out in agony but Mommy didn’t stop.

Then Mommy took out her gun.

Mommy knew what she had to do.

The baby boy knew what Mommy was doing.

Mommy placed the gun to his head.

He cried, yes, but he didn’t fight it.

He was accepting his fate.

Mommy pulled the trigger and a little boy died.

That’s the day a little boy came face to face with the devil!

Now a little boy can’t sit in his room.

A little boy can’t cry or pray for someone (anyone) to come and set him free.

There isn’t any more pain.

There isn’t any more suffering.

Because Mommy just took his life before he had a chance to live it!

A little boy was saved!

No more pain!

No more suffering!

That’s how a believer was born!